You may think you are not into fishing. Or you just don’t know yet is not a typical fishing rod. Even if you don’t think of yourself as an angler or someone who would be enthusiastic about fishing, you should definitely give a go. You’ll be amazed! is an entry-level rod. You haven’t fished before? That’s OK. Our rod is extremely easy to use. What’s more, it doesn’t take a lot of preparation to start fishing with it, and – even better – you can finish your fishing program in not time. No wonder kids (too) will take an instant liking to it.

One can aim very precisely with the wormy. Also, being able to use spring-poles with different mechanical properties means that we can fish for various types of fish with various casting weights.

There are situations when or where you wouldn’t even think that fishing may come into the picture. What other rod cold you use to throw from the rigging of a boat. No other rod will work – no doubt about that. Also, since the rod is really short, it provides an opportunity to cast from the offshore thicket as well, where it would be impossible to use a traditional, longer rod.

You’re hiking or trekking and come across an inviting stream. It would be great to give fishing a go, the thought crosses your mind. So why don’t you? The fits into any backpack with ease.

With you are not confined to certain locations, water, climates. Life is colorful – your tool should be multifunctional so that it’s a breeze for you to adjust. can do just that for you.

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