You have a million reasons to choose – here are 3 of them

Why wormy? Because it is an instant rod. You can start fishing in no time, and – even more importantly – you can finish it almost at once. Think of a time when you only have a few hours to spare and would love to spend it fishing. No need to have a lot of gear with you. Just fish. Keep it simple.

Travelling? Only have limited time between meetings or before you flight but you are eager to taste local waters. Your answer is

Or, families with small kids are too familiar with the situation when children get tired, uninterested, impatient or sleepy, and then you have no time to think but get up and leave. No problem. Everyone will be happy.

Why wormy? Because you can use it easily even if you’ve never fished before. Even kids can use it. It is a perfect entry-level fishing rod – great for kids to take a liking to fishing.

Do you remember the day you realized how much your kid takes after his Dad? Stop looking for a more perfect gift for your child – there is no better gift than quality time for bonding between child and parent.

Why wormy? Traditional rods must always be carried in some kind of a case. Since the can also be put in a soft case as it cannot get damaged or broken, it is well fit for being stored in a really small space such as the glove compartment or your hand luggage. Because you should never pass up the chance to fish – wherever you travel. It doesn’t get easier than with the It can always comfortably accompany you.
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