wor.my in the life of a busy film producer – interview with Belle Avery

It’s great you like your wor.my. So you bought it as a present for your husband, right?

Well, I actually bought two Packs. One for him, and one for myself.

What’s your fishing habit? How often do you fish?

I’m a fly-fisher. I typically fly-fish. I live on a river, so when I’m not shooting movies and I’m not on location, that’s what I do: I fish. That’s my hobby.

How often do you fish? How often can you save the time for this?

When I’m home, or when I travel, for example to Scotland, I would say every day. When I’m home I go out in the morning and in the evening. Altogether at least 100 times a year.

And that’s what’s cool about your rod – that I can travel l with it. Yes, I take it to Scotland and New Zealand with me.

When you travel, I guess it’s not only on river that you fish. What other methods do you use or how does it happen?

Streams also, there are some pretty good streams. Pretty much wherever I travel there are good streams and rivers and that’s where I fish. I don’t do any ocean-fishing at all.

How did this hobby of yours develop? Since when do you fish?

Since I was five.

So you did it together with your family?

Yes, pretty much, yes, you could say that. We fished with cane poles, just cane poles. And when I started in my 20s, I started fly-fishing. I learned from Orvis in Vermont. I went up there and stayed for a couple of weeks.

What gives you the enjoyment in fishing? What do you like about it?

OK, the great thing about fishing is this: when I was a kid growing up, we ate the fish then, and it was great fun with the family being around the campfire and all that… but what happened later in life is this: you know, people talk about golf being a relaxing thing, but there is nothing more relaxing than fishing. For me, anyway. It’s not what you catch, it’s what you leave. Because I always put the fish back, I never keep them any more. And again, it’s not what you catch, it’s what you leave because in a sense you also leave your worries and your thought. It’s just you and nature. I don’t take my phone, I don’t take anything.

That’s what’s also great about your rod. I use it improperly too… I use it with the fly-fish reel on it. Because I stand in the stream and then I can just lay it.  

How different is a fishing program when you travel and when you’re at home? You’re maybe more pressed for time when you travel, or are you?

That’s what makes the rod so great. At home I probably have 7 different ways to fish, from the different cane poles to my fly-rod and to your little one but for travelling I use just mainly your little one. If I’m in a short stream-bed it’s great to use.

 What do you usually fish for?

Trout mostly… some smaller ones too, but mostly trout.

OK, before you had your wor.my what did you take when you travelled?

I have a cane pole that takes apart… with the fly-rod on it…

Has it ever been damaged when you travelled?

No, because I put it in a hard case….

Can you put that one in your hand luggage?

No… and that’s the great thing about the wor.my. That’s where I carry it.

Thanks for your time, Belle.

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