wor.my at the time of the corona

Even though the pandemic started at the end of last year, it only reached our region around mid-March. Fortunately, the first wave did not hit Hungary very hard. The entire country – including the capital and its surroundings where wor.my is based – was really disciplined, keeping all the rules and precautions.

Everything slowed down, people kept distance, but the world didn’t stop. While we may have been less visible to the outside world, tremendous steps were taken in our workshop.

Most of us are all too familiar with the phenomenon that daily routines and tasks keep us away from some more special and outstanding projects. So, what we did at wor.my, we turned this unusual situation around, and tried to concentrate on the things we had been meaning to do for quite some time. Our inventor and designer, Szabi, finally had the time to turn his attention to what he enjoys most: creative work.

Szabi threw himself into product development. The concept will stay the same as it has already proved right, plus we strongly believe in it. We are, however, turning to other materials than the ones we are currently using. We are taking full advantage of the innovations that have happened in the past years on the raw material scene. At this stage we cannot disclose any further details, but we are absolutely positive that you will like the outcome.

What we are aiming for is to make wor.my more widely available and that diversification will add further value to the wor.my brand. What we won’t compromise on are the concept and quality!

Other than product development, our visual identity is also getting a facelift. We are pretty lucky since Szabi graduated as a graphic designer, so this is practically home ground for him. So, while the concept and the core values will stay the same, the wor.my world will soon be an even better version of itself – for everyone to enjoy!

Stay tuned, follow our social media channels and our website, and we soon hope to reveal more.

The wor.my team

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