Which pack to choose? A short guide to the wor.my Compact Fishing System

Most importantly, we have made the fishing system for those who want the freedom to be able to take their fishing rod anywhere without having to worry that it will get damaged. It is designed in a way that it is able to receive all kinds of reels, so it can be used with several methods. We picked the materials in a way so that you can fish with it in both fresh- and saltwater.


is our flagship product as its handle is ergonomic and is like a pistol-grip that is important for the use of upper-positioned reels. In the US, the use of casting method is widespread so the CAST PACK is the popular choice in this part of the world.

It is great that you don’t have to touch the line even when using a wobbler/spinner, since you open the reel with your thumb, and then you reel in the fish. The wormy is designed primarily for fishing with a wobbler.

When using the CAST PACK, you use your wrist for throwing. You have to learn to release the throw from the wrist, that’s when it will be the most effective. In contrast, it all depends on the lower arm and the fling of the arm in case of traditional rods.

The CAST PACK is primarily configured for top position, and for both open and closed face reels, for example “bait cast” and “level wind” reels and “spin cast” reels. The trigger can be removed from the axis. Without the trigger we can also fish with lower-positioned reels and a low spring.

The CAST PACK is ideal for those who want a truly impressive “weapon”. The trigger gives a firm grip, the handle grip fits into the palm of your hand. When assembled, its length is 60cm. The pack contains the MEDIUM PowerPole consisting of 8 arcs – the most sensitive yet powerful spring that is suitable for a versatile use.


is more popular in Europe since fishermen there are more used to low-position reels.  In case of the SPIN PACK we turn the same spring-pole to low position that we saw with the CAST PACK, only there is no trigger in the SPIN PACK.

Another difference is that the fling of the arm has more emphasis than the wrist. The SPIN PACK is configured for both open- and closed-face reels. It's recommended for those who want a fishing rod that is very similar to what they have been using until now. The difference, though, is that the rod's material is not carbon but there is a stainless-steel spring pole. We can enjoy its real advantage where there is not enough space to throw a traditional fishing rod. We can throw it from the bottom or from the sides. When assembled, its length is 60cm. The wooden handle is mounted with a long-threaded rod which - secured with lock nut - can be accordingly sized depending on what balance the rod needs. The SPIN PACK also includes the two-positioned MEDIUM PowerPole – our most sensitive yet still powerful spring.


is the younger sibling of the SPIN PACK. The casting performance is somewhat sacrificed for the sake of the size. We have a shorter spring-pole and shorter wooden handle in the NANO PACK. When disassembled, its size does not exceed 25cm. This makes sense if it is an essential need to have the smallest possible size.

However, if we add a longer pole and wind the handle to extend the pole, we already have the length of the SPIN PACK’s grip that is well-suited for long spring-poles and is more effective when throwing.

Because of its short wooden handle, the NANO PACK is especially suitable for lowercase reels (fixed spool and underspin types), but it can be equipped with uppercase bait casts, raft or ice reels. The package does not contain a trigger and comes with one short spring pole. Like all the spring poles, it has two positions, so we can use it for uppercase reels too.


is our Big Boy. It contains everything that we produce. It has all the capabilities that the other packs do. The biggest promise of the MEGA PACK is that you have six spring-poles instead of just the one – from the shortest to the longest. It provides an opportunity for a wide range in terms of both casting weight and fish size. The three different handles add further versatility.
For all of our packs, the possibilities are endless: you can use your wormy from the shore, in a bay, on a river, but also while paddling, kayaking, on a sailing boat or yacht, or even ice-fishing.
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