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Did you know ,that there are more than 30.000 spieces of fish on Earth? There is quite a great variety to choose from to start your adventure in the world of fishing. If you are already fond of angling, you might have yet your favourites to catch, but if you are on the point of beginning your adventure of the waters, than here are a couple of our choices for you.

Fresh water fishing is a great start for beginners. You only need to buy a simple fishing tackle to enjoy this excellent sport. Not only can you choose from a variety of places, be it lakes, ponds, or rivers you can either try your best on boats or simply from the shore.

The Catfish which got it’s name from the cat like moustache it bears can be found in fresh or coastal waters of almost every continent. Since this fish has several different types, either in appearance, - armour plated or naked , neither have scales -, and in size – can range from 12 cm to 2 meters -, and their behaviour differs too, you have the pleasure to choose from quite a wide range. Catfishes have incredible sense of taste, smell and hearing, so scented, rattling or vibrating lures might have a bigger chance to attract this type of fish.


The Pike which is a predatory fish type, can be identified from it’s elongated form, sharply pointed head and sharp teeth. Their markings are individual, but they are typically grey-green toned in color to give them camouflage. They can grow quite large, since the biggest one recorded is 1.83 m. Their preys are insects, frogs, small mammals and birds, so the best methods for catching this fish are usually dead or live baits and lure fishing.

Pika (MnDNR)

Pika (Photo: MnDNR)

Salmon is the generic name for numerous species of ray-finned fish. They are anadromous which means they hatch in fresh water, migrate to the ocean, and return to fresh water to spawn. This migrating fish can be found in the North Atlantic and Pacific Ocean’s tributaries, but since salmon is a popular food it’s intensively farmed in several parts of the world. Salmon is a predator so the best baits for this fish are live baits or raw ones, but you can choose lures (wobblers or spinners) too, just make sure they are bright in color.


Interesting fact that all three species of these fishes have a mythological and fairy tale aspect. For example in Japanese mythology Namazu is a giant catfish who causes earthquakes. The pike in a Russian fairy tale tells about a wise old pike that can fulfill wishes, and the salmon is an important creature in Celtic mythology and is associated with wisdom.

These are just a few examples of the 30.000 species. It is your turn to make your choice! We hope you have an excellent summer and successful fishing adventure!

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