The story

The twin brother of a traditional fisherman, Szabolcs Németh – the founder and inventor of – grew up close to the biggest lake in Central Europe. From early age he cherished the idea of a compact fishing rod that he couldn’t find anywhere.
A design university graduate, Szabolcs finally realized his dream in 2015 and won the most prestigious design award in Hungary, his home country, the same year. The modular, compact fishing rod, was born as the offspring of his proximity to and love of water and his own profession.
Instead of a collapsible rod, it is a truly unbreakable, swappable modular system consisting of stainless-steel spring poles, a CNC-machined – sea water-resistant 6061 T6 – aluminum reel seat and a hardwood handle. No plastic included.
Once Szabolcs understood how great the product is, he immediately started planning how he could share it with more people so that they would also benefit from the creativity of the rod. He decided to find out whether others would also be interested in purchasing one.
A small Kickstarter campaign confirmed that people do need such a modular tool. Immediately after that, Szabolcs continued building his brand and his company also on Indiegogo.
In the past few years the idea has evolved into a small company, and more and more people use and love Our goal is that people learn about and fall in love with it all around the globe. We are committed to quality and solutions without compromises.
All components of the system fit together making it the world’s single modular fishing rod. Its components can be purchased one by one, or the complete package can be extended any time with additional spring-poles and grips.
The reel seat can accommodate most reels, thanks to a removable trigger, and the hardwood handle provides both comfort and assurance that the rod will last for years to come.
Unlike other existing compact rods, can be used for both casting and spinning methods. The short size of the device allows you to cast not only from above but also from the side or bottom and can compete happily for distance with traditional 2-meter rods. The system offers six rod options, depending on the weight of the fish and the conditions.
We promise continuous innovation, further improving quality and an ever-widening product range. What we are building is more than a brand – it’s a community that is as passionate about this great rod as we are. Our real mission is creating, nurturing and building real community experience.
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