Summer vacation – the easy and smart way

We all want to make the most of those weeks or days we spend away from our everyday problems and the treadwheel. In an ideal world, we would have the most fantastic and richest time with the least preparation and expenses.
Some prefer a less active holiday – most often by or close to some kind of body of water. The majority of time is spent sunbathing, reading books or magazines, eating out and chilling. Such daily schedules and the proximity of water allow for some extras such as fishing.
When travelling by car you have the luxury of taking more stuff – even though you may be limited by the abundance of baby stuff or the necessity of other sports gear such as bicycles, scooters and skateboards.
If, however, you are flying to your destination, you are forced to think even more rationally. Either way, the best and definitely the smartest solution is to take a compact, modular, unbreakable multitool that takes up the least space and doesn’t give you a headache. This way your gear won’t take up the space planned for books, beach mattresses, water toys and other beach gears.
There are those vacationers, however, who would die of boredom if they had to lie on a beach even for 10 minutes. They will under any circumstances opt for busy days and a much more active schedule. They love spending time outdoors and are eager to try various sports or activities once there. The more colorful their time spent under the great blue sky the better. While some activities don’t require any equipment, some do. Therefore, if you are enthusiastic to have a program as varied as possible, size- and weight considerations are essential. Pick compact and quality equipment and gear so that you don’t have to worry what to take and what not, and whether it will survive the summer or the transportation.
Needless to say, the same goes for long weekends and shorter stays. And you really shouldn’t look much further for such a fishing rod.

In any case, enjoy your summer!
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