Short but sweet – the fly-fishing season in Greenland


We may think that we are experiencing some truly freezing days here in Central Europe (and naturally several other part of the world at this time of the year), but let’s just think of Greenland, for example, and we’ll feel a lot more comfortable in our down jackets. No wonder that the fishing season is especially short in the land of ice and snow. But, trust us, it’s all the more intense and unforgettable.

 While Greenland is remote and is a long journey from practically any spot on the planet, what it offers in terms of fly-fishing is something that totally unmatched. Once you opt for this once-in-a-lifetime experience, Greenland will present a different world. Untouched, peaceful and quiet, nature is in charge here!

(Photo: Maria Hagen Pixabay)

In an ecosystem that is unspoilt like nowhere else on Earth, you’ll experience wild landscapes of rivers, oceans and icebergs. The country offers some of the finest fly-fishing on the planet with pristine clean water for the millions of sea-run arctic char migrating the streams of South Greenland.

The arctic char arrive in the fiords in June, and the season is between mid-July and late August. They run the rivers and lakes from the ocean, their colors varying from bright silver to greenish yellow, black with deep red, gray with orange – and everything in between. Arctic char feed on insects, crustaceans, mollusks and smaller fish. For colorful streamers for char hot pink, yellow, fluro green, silver and red, are among the most popular.



Most rivers or lakes you will fish in Greenland get roughly 20 fishing days per day. The incredible thing is that the Arctic char have never seen a fly before in their lives. Other than the primarily used dry flies, streamers and nymphs, emergers, gurgles and other surface flies can also be used.

Fishing destinations are reachable only by boat or helicopter, and since each river usually has six to 12 fishermen at most at a time, these people are presented with an exclusive char experience.

For those interested in longer stretches of fishing fun, it is possible to take a couple of days of overnight camping. Spending the nights in tents is quite an experience, not to mention that on the way back you will have the opportunity to relax in one of the natural hot springs looking out on the fiords. Now that is something to remember! 

Other than Arctic fish, you may also find halibut, Atlantic wolffish, salmon and cod. If you opt for a hike between your fishing trips, you may see reindeer and musk oxen or simply enjoy the moss-covered mountain landscapes and the seasonal flowers over the summer.

(Cover photo: Bernd Hildebrandt - Pixebay)

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