MEGA PACK - The world’s only compact, modular system

With the MEGA PACK you practically cover it all. It is our Big Boy - it contains everything we produce. When you purchase our MEGA PACK, you have a fishing system that you can use dozens of ways – depending on how it’s assembled. It can be varied in numerous ways – partly owing to the reel seat with the removable trigger, the heart and soul of our system.
You can mount a CAST PACK, while after removing the trigger you are immediately ready to fish with the SPINning method . Furthermore, since you also have a NANO handle, as well as the shortest spring-pole among the six included in the MEGA PACK, you can also put together the smallest version. Either for travelling or for a kid.
The biggest promise of the MEGA PACK is that you have six spring-poles instead of just the one – from the shortest to the longest. It provides an opportunity for a wide range in terms of both casting weight and fish size. The three different handles add further versatility.
Just like for each of our packs, or even more so, the possibilities are endless for the MEGA PACK: you can use your from the shore, in a bay, on a river, but also while paddling, kayaking, on a sailing boat or yacht, or even ice-fishing.
If we want to talk math, the 3 handles times 6 types of spring-poles equals 18 different variations!
This is the advantage of the modular system. It is not offered by or possible with any other compact fishing system as in case of those the reel seat and the handle cannot be taken apart even if the spring-poles can be changed.
We are absolutely in love with the MEGA PACK, and believe that it has great potentials.
We recommend the use of smaller bait-casting reels for saltwater, and closed-face spincast and underspin reels for light, freshwater fishing.
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