Looking for the best trout fishing spots?

Many anglers are asking fellow anglers and professionals “Where is the best trout-fishing spot in the world?” If you have also wondered about the same, here is our recommendation.

Of course, the definition of “best” is always out for debate. Do we want to find the spot that offers the highest number of fish, or the biggest ones? If you are interested in more than mere numbers, keep reading. Especially if you are more into getting some solitude than combat fishing.

Our first pick is Alaska. Although many would argue that several of the fisheries are overfished there, it is still worth taking a look. There is no doubt that many of the rivers belong among the healthiest in North America. The mere fact that there is a great number of graylings, a fish that needs super-clean water for survival, is clear proof that that these rivers – Copper, Goodnews, Kvichak, Kulik, Upper Nushagak among others – are pristine. The above rivers offer large rainbow trout.

Photo: todaysalaska-com-copper-river-alaska

Kamchatka in eastern Russia, which is only separated from Alaska by the Bering Sea, is still decades apart from the previous. (Some say even centuries!) Just like travelling back in time. Similar to Alaska but much less people. While we can recommend rivers such as the Sedanka River, the Ozernaya River, the Upper Zhupanova River and the Two Yurt River for great trout fishing, basically anywhere on the Kamchatka Peninsula is superb to find 20 to 30-inch rainbow trout.

The only criticism Kamchatka may get is that its wilderness is somewhat uncivilized and there is not much sight-seeing. Something that our next picks definitely don’t lack.

Similarly sparsely populated is Chilean Patagonia. There are trout everywhere, and the scenery is awesome. As a plus, you may also encounter large brown trout.

Several of the rivers and streams here are kilometers away from the road system, and some have never been fished. What make Chile a fly-fishing paradise for trout is pristine water, as well as little fishing pressure because of large parks and reserves.

Without any doubt, New Zealand is eligible for podium finish when it comes to breathtaking scenery. And unlike Kamchatka, for example, you have the best of both worlds: great civilization and fantastic trout fishing.

Photo: inspiringjourneys-com-inspiring-new-zealand

New Zealand is made up of two islands: the South Island, where the snow-capped peaks of the West Coast has small, clear streams with incredibly large trout, and the volcanic North Island that has remote streams in a lush rainforest. Both islands are wild and untouched, and a dream come true for the patient angler.

Unlike in Kamchatka, you need stealth and quiet when fishing, and even then, you may have to be satisfied with a couple of fish a day. Mind you, there might be the biggest trout you’ve ever seen among them!

Finally, mention must be made that New Zealand an exemplary job of protecting its nature, including of course its fisheries through rigorous regulations.

And back to South America: Argentina, more specifically the Rio Grande is our final recommendation. The Rio Grande on the island of Tierra del Fuego is truly exceptional. It is no ordinary trout place and dubbed as the world's finest river for sea-run brown trout. Also, apparently it seems to get better with time.

Brown trout of 13 kilograms or more are caught from the Rio Grande every season, and that alone definitely makes it worth for people to travel thousands of kilometers to fish there. This is the single river on the planet that consistently offers brown trout of this size.

The run is now around 70,000 trout, and most of them will come at dawn and sunset – crowning a perfect day of fishing for you.

Enjoy fishing and protect our planet!

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(Cover photo: Lisa Redfern, Pixabay)

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