Life with a MEGA PACK – interview with Mark Compo, UK

What were your first thoughts when you saw your MEGA PACK?

When I first saw the MEGA PACK, it was quite funny. Really thought something must be missing as all I had were two small boxes. But the contents did not disappoint. Instantly the quality and robustness jump out. At first, I was a little dubious of the springs but once all put together it all made sense.

Which is your favorite part and why?

My favorite part has to be the reel seat. I am a sucker for anything engineered and the reel seat is a piece of art. It is made extremely simple, yet well-made with clean lines and a solid feel in the hand.

Have you received any comments from fellow anglers? What were they?

Had a few mixed reactions with people I have met while using it. Most are intrigued and just want to have a play as they have never seen anything like it. A group of kayakers I met were especially excited as they could see this would be so easy to use compared to their traditional setup. Some of the hardcore fishing community have been a little critical but this rod is not made for lifting 50lb carp! I am a novice to say the least.

Who would you recommend the to? How easy do you find it to use?

I personally recommend or the MEGA PACK to anyone and everyone that will listen. My 3-year-old old can use it!

Where do you usually fish? Have you caught any fish with it?

I have a river 10 minutes away that is free to fish as I please. It has been a great few weeks so far hunting down the fishing spots and getting used to using Had a few bites. Caught a couple! It is a very narrow river, even a stream in some places with lots of cover. Even a 4ft rod would be very difficult to use most times. It’s great to be able to get right in there and fish where most would consider impossible.

Which setup do you use most often?

I do find the NANO is my go-to setup purely because I can hang off the belt loop, put reel in my pocket with a small box of tackle and take it anywhere. The SPIN is my second choice for days when fishing is planned. And the CAST I just do not have a reel at the minute to use with it. But I do plan on getting it setup for sea fishing at some point in the future.

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