Invasive fishes

Goldfish: the innocent looking aquarium fish

Have you ever thought about how much damage we make out of the goodwill of our hearts? People love aquariums because of it’s lovely appearance, the colorful vision it gives to one’s home. BUT, once in a while after some time, the enthusiasm starts to fade, and you wish to get rid of the residents of the water. What do some do when the time comes? Since you don’t wish to send it to it’s demise, you decide to simply let it go. And that is when the worst happens.

There are quite a few wild pets, that are very adaptive to a new environment. You let it go, simply wishing it to live on and well, and that’s exectly it does. Goldfishes are one of the best examples, how a seemingly innocent looking aquarium species can wreak havoc wherever it goes in a new habitat.

The goldfish is a freshwater fish and a member of the carp family. It’s selective breeding originates from China, and several breeds have been developed since. In China, during the Tang dynasty (AD 619-907) the carp was a very popular breed to be kept in ornamental ponds and gardens. This was the time when the characteristic „golden” color appeared, and the breeding of this color type began. During the Song dynasty (AD 960–1279) only the members of the imperial family could keep the „gold” colored kind, so this is probably the reason why there are more orange than yellow colored goldfish.

Totoya Hokkei (Japanese 1780-1850)

Totoya Hokkei (Japanese 1780-1850)

And now let’s proceed with why they are very dangerous outside of the safety of the fish tank. Not only they swim along the bottom of the rivers and ponds, which destroys vegetation, and disturb the sediment which causes additional problems, they feed broadly and they transmit exotic diseases and parasites. Due to the fact that goldfishes are able to produce much more eggs than most freshwater fishes and can interbreed with other type of wild carps, without natural predators it’s a straight way to overpopulation. Getting rid of them is a very difficult task because they are capable to cover extremely long distances, and they migrate to spawn, so keeping an eye on them might be a huge challenge.

So everyone out there, who wishes to establish an aquarium, please think before you act. Aquavaristique is a very wonderful hobby, but it takes time and needs care. When the time comes that you or your children get bored with this lovely activity, pay a visit at your local pet store, and ask them if they are able to take them from you. So be responsible, let them live, but don’t release them!

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