How to have the most of a family weekend out of the city

We have always emphasized that is just as much about fishing as about spending quality time outdoors. There are a million reasons to do that – and it is great on countless levels. The fact that you can do it with with the least possible fuss and stuff is only the icing on the cake.

Let’s just see a typical bank-holiday weekend for a family of four desperate to get away from the city.

What Tom, the Dad wants: Finally. I just can’t wait to get away from all the noise, and leave all work worries behind. It would be great to pack the most into these three days. We could go for a hike, make a bonfire in the evening, and I’d love to do some fishing as well. I’m not sure about the gear though. The kids will want to bring all their stuff I bet. Skates, scooters, balls, badminton set… and Emily her dolls and all the accessories. Moreover, Jack will probably be reluctant to come as he’d rather stay with his mates. It would be fantastic to spend some time together just with him – connect in a way we find it hard during busy weekdays.

What Julia, the Mom wants: Finally. Getting some quality time with kids. I hope we can do stuff together as a family – with even Jack joining in. I’m also planning to spend some time alone with Tom, so I’ll just pack a lot of outdoor toys and stuff for the kids. I’m sure Tom will want to go hiking and fishing as well – and that means quite a lot of gear. I wonder how he’ll manage to pack all that in next to our stuff…

What 13-year-old Jack wants: Not again. Going away for three days. Not that I don’t love my family, it’s just that there are less and less fun stuff we can do together. It’s great being out in nature but what are we going to do there for three whole days?! Dad mentioned that he’d like to introduce me to fishing… Well, I don’t know. I bet it’s going to take forever to set it all up. I don’t even get it why it’s fun at all…

What 7-year-old Emily wants: Yay!!! Spending time with Dad. And Mom too, but I see a lot of her during the week too.  I wonder what Dad and Mom will come up with. I love hiking and going on strolls by the lake, but I’m just not going to leave my dolls at home all alone! I hope I can spend some time alone with Daddy too!

Solution: the family should take a with them. It is easy and quick to start fishing with, and it will take up hardly any space in the car. May even go into the glove compartment. Looks cool, will turn heads.

Best solution: they should take the MEGA PACK by That way two people can fish at the same time, and they can try more methods. If they add an extra reel seat, three of them will share the fun as the Pack contains three grips and several poles anyway. Whichever option you go for, your Pack will fit into your backpack.

Enjoy family, enjoy fishing!

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