Five scenic fishing destinations in Europe

We are in the middle of the summer of a rather unusual year, but luckily some things are not affected by the pandemic – and fishing is one of them. You enjoyed our recommendations for fishing in Hungary, so we thought we’d go for Europe this time. While travelling may be limited this year, the good news is that there will also be a season next year.
Of course, any list would always be subjective, but we hope to bring your attention to some outstandingly scenic spots. Enjoy!

Stockholm, Sweden

The Swedish capital
Stockholm scores quite high when it comes to urban fishing destinations. It may seem too good to be true when you walk the clean streets, adore the spectacular buildings AND learn that you don’t even need a license.
Unlike other capital cities, you see people fishing right across the parliament. Stockholm’s rivers are abundant in pike, perch and trout - fish that you don’t often find in most capitals. You may even find salmon without leaving the central parts of the city! If you have a lot of time on your hand, you can also visit the surrounding islands and rivers. And if that’s not convincing enough and you are in for some saltwater fishing too, don’t forget that you can fish the Baltic Sea where cod and sea trout are also waiting for you. Should you opt for a winter holiday, there is also ice-fishing. (And the in your cabin luggage is just perfect for that.)

Santorini, Greece

Picturesque Santorini
When it comes to picking summer vacations in Europe, Greece is more than likely to be in the shortlist. All the Greek islands have their own particularities, and all are worth a visit. Nevertheless, Santorini stands out. It is picture-perfect with its white buildings and blue roofs that match the color of the sky and the ocean. You may feel like a Greek god or goddess when you are there.
While the Aegean Sea is warm anyway, there are natural hot springs around the island as Santorini and Thirasia are one dormant volcano, with their crater under the water.
You can tell that the island’s fishing goes back a long way with all the old wooden fishing boats around. What you can hope for here are pandora, squid and seabass.

Ponta Delgada, Azores

When recommending the Azores, one is looking for words. Then one decides one doesn’t need many. Their beauty and the abundance of fish speak for themselves. The lush volcanic landscape and the views will take anyone’s breath away. And if you are in for some sunbathing, its volcanic nature will offer black sandy beaches.
But let’s see what you can expect when you head for the waters. Search for bluefish and barracuda from shore, look for seabream and grouper from local reefs, or perhaps opt for pike, carp and rainbow trout if you venture further inland. If you have your eyes set on tuna and marlin, remember that the Azores are considered as one of the best places to look for blue marlins of 1,000 lbs (454 kg)! Bluefin, yellowfin, and bigeye tuna are apparently
also found in record sizes.
The Azores - searching for words
We have to admit that we picked the final two destinations with a little bit of bias because of their proximity to’s home country, Hungary. This is not to say, of course, that they are not worthy of their place. Both are a gem.

Bled, Slovenia

There is no argument that Bled is breathtakingly beautiful. Despite being a tourist town, locals take good care that it is not too crowded, and you can enjoy the amazing view.
Other than its obvious natural charm, Bled also retains its special atmosphere partly owing to it being a popular spot in the Austro-Hungarian monarchial times.
While you can go for pike, carp or zander fishing from the banks of Lake Bled, you can also opt for the hills searching for trout in the crystal-clear waters. Many consider Slovenia as one of the best fly-fishing spots in Europe with alpine, free stone and chalk stream rivers full of four different trout. This is one of the few places to catch wild marble trout, but you can also find brown, as well as rainbow and brook trout.
If you decide to put away your rod, you can pack a lot in a day as Slovenia is a small country: you can hike in gorges, admire waterfalls, walk the streets of Ljubljana, the capital city or swim in the Adriatic Sea. The Adriatic is also great for tuna and barracuda.
Bled - an atmospheric gem

Dubrovnik, Croatia

And finally, Dubrovnik. While it is known by many as the setting of King’s Landing in the Game of Thrones, and you surely feel like you are in a fairytale, there is a lot more to this city. There is a medieval atmosphere among its stone buildings and the city walls you can’t seem to have enough taking all in.
Once you get over your amazement, you can hit the water in search of dentex, grouper, mullet or tuna and swordfish – if you are up for that. Dubrovnik is also fantastically located for trips to the many islands nearby where you can learn from traditional fishing from locals.
Unforgettable Dubrovnik
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