Fancy a personalized

Everybody loves to be unique. Many prefer products that communicate clearly that it’s only theirs, that it’s customized. is a special, one-of-a-kind fishing rod - unorthodox if you like. It will stand out of the crowd wherever you take it. Still, you may want to add a further touch. A statement of a kind. Maybe you buy it as a present and would like to add that icing on the cake. Or you have all your gadgets personalized. Then why not your And you are right. We totally understand that.

You probably have guessed that we are planning to introduce a special engraving service for our community. We have already set up the engraver in our workshop and it is ready to rock’n’roll! We will let you know in a couple of days when you can order your very own with the text of your choice.

And the possibilities are endless: you can have it customized for yourself. Your father and your children. Your best fishing buddies. Your favorite colleague. Or favorite boss?!

Great birthday present. Or retirement gift. A “thank you gift” for your physician or your kids’ teacher. A great item for your friend to take along on their sabbatical. Or for your kid’s gap year.

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