Chasing the Sun – great fishing spots in Asia

Days are getting shorter, and we find that our Vitamin D reserves need to be replenished. Most people tend to spend less time outdoors as temperatures are heading towards zero. Only the toughest and most dedicated decide to go out and spend hours braving the cold and the wind. One great way of “surviving” these months is travelling, of course.

Although travelling is not what it ideally should be in the year 2020, many people love to make plans, or simply dream about better and sunnier days ahead. To do that, Asia seems to be an obvious choice with its richness in both nature and culture.

We have made a short compilation of some of the best and most amazing fishing spots in Asia with each offering quite different fishing experience. Happy planning!

If you are into both urban and fishing fun, Bungsaram Lake is just for you – right in the heart of Bangkok. In a peaceful environment you are likely to catch such species as the Mekong giant catfish, giant Siamese card, the arapaima and the Chao Phraya catfish.


Still in Thailand, you could head to Phuket and then about 80 kilometers to the north to the Similan Islands. While Phuket is trendy attracting lots of tourists and therefore tends to be crowded, the list of fish to be found here is quite long and so worth the tolerance. For example, the dorado, the rainbow runner, the queen fish, and the black marlin, the fastest fish in the sea.

Tioman - Malaysia

If you’d rather fish away from the crowd, Similan Islands is your best option there. While fishing is not permitted within 7 kilometers of the island, there are enough fish in the deep waters beyond that. Fish to look for are tuna, yellowfin, black marlin and cobia, among others.


In India, a prime fishing spot would be the Pabbar Valley region for the rare golden mahseer fish. Other species are, for example, brown trout, catla, catfish and rohu. Bear in mind, though, that you will need a government permit to fish in rivers designated as ‘Trout’.

Another great spot in India the Gushaini River. Since it is reserved as an angling reserve by the government, it is a perfect location for freshwater fishing. You will need to get a permit to fish the brown and rainbow trout along the stretch of more than 40 kilometers.

Many would argue that one of the best fishing trips in Asia is on the Pahang River in Malaysia. The diversity is extraordinary, and you can hope for species such as sailfish, queenfish, mackerel, giant trevally and even squid. The best time of the year for fishing there would be between March and May.

In the southern region of Malaysia’s islands, the three main fishing destinations are Aur, Pemanggil and Tioman. Tioman is the most popular of the three and is suitable for anglers of all levels. While black marlin is the most famous catch in this part of the ocean, you will also find sailfish, barracuda, yellowfin and giant trevally. - Lake Baikal

In Mongolia, we have two spots to recommend. One is the Ponoi River where you can hope for a salmonid that is over 45 kilograms and measures more than 180 centimeters, the Taimen salmon. With over 50 species populating it, Lake Baikal is an extraordinary fishing destination. The huge lake that is fed by several hundred rivers offers bullhead, sturgeon and omul, among others.

Since you are practically surrounded by water in the Maldives, fishing is a great alternative to simply lying in the sun or diving in the Indian Ocean. You can experience game fishing with sailfish, marlin, barracuda, yellowfin, wahoo, swordfish and many other big fish. The real fun, however, is night fishing – the most popular form of fishing there. At night you can hope for snappers, emperors, barracuda, squirrel fish and jacks.

Please don’t forget to learn about local weather, fees and permits when planning and possibly also before leaving.


Have a great time in the sun!



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