Be smart, fish smart

The entire world is going smart. Being smart, however, does not mean complicated. It means common sense and it means simple-but-great. And that’s exactly what is. Also, we all know and have experienced that less is more. If you want to keep it simple but still smart, is your tool.

For some people it is a constant call to go fishing but they are just not willing to accumulate a lot of gear. What they need is the This compact, modular rod is for the conscious angler.

The great thing is that you may opt for getting your favorite compact pack first and extend your kit later with further handles and spring-poles, or you may decide to get our Big Boy, the MEGA PACK, that has it all.

Or you may not be a typical angler. Your life and interests are rich and colorful. You love spending time outdoors or you may be an avid traveler. What you don’t want is a lot of stuff. You need your ‘one and only’ that will be loyal and will not let you down.

When outdoors, you probably like to do a variety of activities – whether on your own or as part of your family time. Fishing so far may not have been an obvious choice or a feasible option when hiking, but that’s what the is born to do. So go on and take it with you!

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